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March 30, 2002
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Whacko AVS IV by unconed Whacko AVS IV by unconed
After a short break, Whacko AVS is back to bring you another episode of gift-wrapped and ready to rock presets! My goals haven't changed: to bring you presets that push AVS to the limit and bring you interesting, unique, complex visuals. Get ready for more fun with 3D dynamic movements, 3D superscopes and custom written APEs that come together in some great, music-reponsive presets!
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moltarx Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2002
well, you've done it again :) (Smile) very very nice work with this, every preset is completly amazing ^_^
bekay Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002   Photographer
.... Oh my god, that is great - of course ;) (Wink) When you see that presets, you think: "I'm sooooo bad in AVS" Roll Eyes
That is just a masterpiece ... gorgeous style!
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tiberiumguy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002
This pack is the best. Period. I'm still collecting bits of my shattered jaw off the floor, from when it hit the floor ;) (Wink) .

Those APEs are nice, too.
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el-vis Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2002
These color-manip APEs are great and so are the presets but my favourite is black and white and is called Insane Architect...
yathosho Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2002
unconed Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2002
I understand that Whacko AVS might be a bit more 'dry' than other presets, but when I make them, I try to make something that is interesting to watch and responds nicely to music... not just create a new unseen effect :) (Smile) . I spend a lot of time tuning the movements and scopes so that they respond just right in my opinion.
bruxo Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002
Thanks bleedingone, you wrote exactly what I think (and feel). Some Masters are forgettin' that they made avs for us, ordinary avs lovers, people that gives them the chance to get their work(and only then, their names) to be well known all over the world. All that stuff like avi, spv, ape etc..., don't make any sense to most people. What it really matters is the impact it causes in the end. Certainly, the avs artists opinons to each other are very important, but I hope they never forget that without us, they would never had get so high. Anyway, Wittens created one more masterpiece.
bleedingone Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002
Hello there!!! This pack is ABSOLUTELY amazing... new Ape's and everything... I have all your pacsk and I think, that all are revolutionary, bringing new point of view into the AVS svene (well... I am making presets not for so long, but I've been watching the scene since very beginning). Just one thing, which I must write here... I have feeling, that for the amount of techniques and everything the emotional-or-how-should-I-call-it part fades slowly into the background... but that's my personal feeling and the pack is sooooooooo good :-) (Smile) ... It's like Dream Theatre... the music is technically perfect, harmony of all instruments... properly chosen arranges, but it has not FEELING... i don't feel anything when I am listening to it... THX for another great pack!!! Live in peace!
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blazer1504 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002
I agree with avsking & duo that Nullsoft should hire you.....Remember to ask for a really big prize for it =) (Smile) Anyway this pack is one of the greatest I've seen, the colors of the presets are incredible, and the apes.....WOW, I'll be messing around with those apes a reaaaalllyyyyy long time
unconed Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002
A note about the "Deeper AVS dust"... it was actually an experiment to port the Milkdrop preset "Deeper Space Dust" into AVS. There was an AVS vs Milkdrop discussion (but very friendly) a while ago, and someone 'challenged' the AVS artists to show that AVS can indeed look like Milkdrop :) (Smile) . Just for fun... the preset is cool, but I really didn't come up with it, so I won't release it as any of my packs.
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